If you’re bored with the bobby pin and fed up with slides that slip out of place, we’d like to introduce you to KELA, a new range of hair accessories, designed in Australia that will change the way you style your hair.

With a range of decorative clasps and accessories, you can say goodbye to dull hair and hello to the world where every day is a special hair day.

In a sea of plastic hair accessories, that slide and fall from your hair, KELA stays put, with a style that is as unique as you are, KELA will never damage your hair and will always enhance your style!

KELA hair accessories have a patent pending fastening mechanism, that holds your hair in place, and never slips. It’s one action clasp clicks into place, so it’s easy to use and the styling possibilities are endless.

Where should you start?

KELA unstoppable hair charms are a great place to start your collection of KELA hair accessories. Sephora Shine On, Mischka Matte and Celeste Diamante all come in five metal finishes to match your mood. Rose Gold, Gold, Platinum, Gunmetal and Brass. Crusado hair charms are all finished in Antique Brass, but the textured patterns are unique. The Flower and Woven patterns are perfect for casual weekend styling, but when you’re channelling your inner rock chick Crusado Skulls are the way to go! Mix and match your hair charms for a style that’s as unique as you are.

KELA unstoppable chains will help you express your individuality even further. Create a beautiful new look for every day or incorporate these hair accessories into your festival wear, evening wear or bridal wear. All of the KELA chains are anchored in place by the included hair charms with their patent pending fastening mechanism.

Add a KELA Pendant to your chain or wear them as a simple clip in your hair, the possibilities with KELA hair accessories, really are endless, which means your style is unstoppable.

We ship free throughout Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and U.S.A.

Check out the inspiration page for unstoppable styling up close!