Say ‘Hi’ to KELA.
Say ‘Bye’ to dull hair.

KELA offers you infinite styling possibilities with a range of hair charms and chains that incorporate a patented fastener mechanism that never slips, so your style stays put. Our products are kind to your locks, they won’t rip or tear you hair. Most importantly, they’re really easy to use, so you can have great hair every day.

Just like you, KELA is unique. In a sea of plastic clips and grips, that slide and fall from your hair, KELA stands alone and stays fabulous, so you do too.

Create your own
unstoppable style.

KELA is not only leading the way in innovation and unstoppable style, it offers a quick and easy way to create your own unique look. Simply open the clip, place it around your hair, and clip it back together. It’s that simple!

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